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Single digit Golden Birthdays are the least potent of the Golden Birthdays, and are generally harmless to those who do not know how to wield the Power. Other relatively harmless Golden Birthday numbers include 27, 28, 29, 30, 17 and It is quite important to note, however, that the two most Powerful Golden Birthdays are 31 and While 31 is stable and at a constantly high Power level, 23 is an ever-shifting entity that at times holds nearly infinite levels of Power.

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One last thing to note: To identify an individual whom is experiencing their Golden Birthday, look deeply in their eyes. It has also been said that every few millennia there will be an individual whose eyes will be completely and wholly Golden, making it nearly impossible for the average person to gaze upon the individual. A human who portrays this characteristic may, in this Golden hour , hold the fate of our existence in their hands… But only a myth I imagine….

This year is my golden birthday -- I'm turning 15 on the 15th! Golden birthday unknown. When you turn the same number as the number of the month your birthday falls on eg.

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They may not appear to take life too seriously but February 14 individuals are quick thinkers with high levels of concentration, and can be very effective in accomplishing tasks. The sharp wit of February 14 people can work both for them and against them.

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They may be very good at amusing people, but their cutting wit can be less appreciated when directed at their loved ones. They often camouflage their emotions with funny conversation as they are also deeply sensitive.. If you want to read more about this day, then check out the 14th February Birthday Print here!

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  8. While they may bring a positive mental outlook to their endeavours, some February 15 people can become deeply disappointed by failure or criticism, and lack the patience to hang on in. Those born on this day like to be free and like to have fun but are also serious about their ideals and principles. They will mostly be on the side of the underdog, and are motivated by the desire to make the world a happier more exciting place..

    If you want to read more about this day, then check out the 15th February Birthday Print here! February 16 individuals need to learn to come to terms with change more effectively. They often think they know it all and most often they do, and when it comes to their chosen area of expertise, they are quick to tell everyone what to do and how to do it.

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    Others may not appreciate their dominating manner but will mostly have to admit how they were right and appreciate their ingenuity. Bill Landis. Mickey Harrington. Bob Mabe. George Metkovich. Bob Gillespie. Danny Murtaugh.

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    Hal Toenes. Joe Callahan. Rex Cecil. Lee Rogers. Wally Moses. Paul Schreiber. Tim Murchison.

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