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Thu Oct Service And Reward It's back to work you go, so clear your mind of dreams and fancies and just get busy.

Cancer Daily Horoscope of Today

You may appreciate this opportunity to simply serve and work where you're needed. Many of you have had too much time to think, lately and chores that involve very little skill will be therapeutic today. Have a chat with God or Goddess while scrubbing out the shower. Fortunate colors are navy blue and pure white. Fri Oct Dinner for Two Your health has been under pressure, but tonight is perfect for a quiet dinner for two. Find out your beloved's plans beforehand, of course and don't let work interfere if you can manage it.

It's important to set some time aside each week to share your experiences, and it's especially important to listen to your partner. Advantageous colors are teal and rose. Lucky numbers are 21 and As the Moon dances with Pluto, you'll find it easier to express your feeling of commitment and affection.

Avoid serious work if at all possible. The emphasis continues to be on strengthening close relationships through sharing, so be supportive or your loved ones. Beneficial colors are pale aqua and soft peach. Lucky numbers are 25 and Sun Oct Strong Emotion The Moon creates strong emotions, flavoring the day with an edgy intensity. Your loyalty may be tested, and you may find that someone you trusted has betrayed you. A younger associate may be at odds with an older, confident person, placing you in the middle of a power struggle.

It may be hard to play Switzerland at this point in time, as being neutral will just work against you. Favorable colors are wine red and slate gray. Lucky numbers are 27 and Mon Oct Intense The Moon in your eighth house of sex, power and money starts the day on an intense note.

You may not be able to put your finger on it, but your gut knows that something is going on. Play your cards close to your chest today and pay attention to what is going on around you. By tomorrow, you'll know what is going on behind the scenes. Advantageous colors are ebony and wine.


Lucky numbers are 8 and Your increased self-confidence and vitality make it a good time to enjoy the world and your place in it. Spend time with loved ones if you possibly can. Find out what your love wants to do, then arrange it. A picnic, a drive in the countryside or a candlelight dinner might be just the thing.


Favorable colors are royal purple and bronze. Lucky numbers are 5 and 8. Wed Oct Deep Breaths Yesterday's pressure begins to ease up, making it easier for you to breathe again. The Moon enters Pisces and your ninth house of travel and adventure today, lifting your spirits and invigorating your intellect.

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Unwind tonight by watching the Travel Channel or reading a book about far away places Beneficial colors are butterscotch and cream. Lucky numbers are 30 and Thu Oct Experiment! The Moon activates your ninth house of adventure, encouraging you to experiment with pleasure today. Why not try a new restaurant for lunch or dinner?

Renting a good foreign movie is also a good idea; why not check out The Flowers of War or My Afternoons with Margueritte?

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Everyone needs a change of pace now and then, so try something a little bit different. Fortunate colors are coin silver and salmon pink.

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Lucky numbers are 3 and 7. Fri Oct Aim High Aim high as the Moon continues to light your ninth house of higher learning -- you'll find it's never too late to learn something new. Good fortune is likely: consider buying a lottery ticket, or join the office pool. If you're itching to go on an adventure but are stuck at home, switch on the Travel Channel this evening -- you can always take notes for a future journey. Advantageous colors are khaki and olive green. Lucky numbers are 36 and Your activities may be public, including going out with coworkers.

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  • You'll need to be on your best behavior, just in case any busybodies are watching. Of course you are free to have fun, but sometimes we all need to be extra conscious about boundaries when socializing. Auspicious colors are basic black and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 26 and You'll be torn between what you want to do, and what others think you should do, especially around the home and in your career.

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