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You can plant below-ground crops like radishes, carrots, potatoes in the waning of the Moon between a full Moon and new. The Moon will be new on Dec. After Dec. Can someone help me I'm looking for dates to cut my hair to make it grow in the months of April and May.

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See our best days timetable for dates on cutting hair to encourage growth. Why are the comments saying the best time to cut hair is at full and new moon.

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But the almanac picks days not on a full or new moon? Hi Scuffy, The Almanac believes that cutting the hair during a waxing Moon between new and full encourages growth. Cutting the hair during a waning Moon between full and new discourages growth. The very best days to cut hair to encourage growth in Dec. Very best days to cut hair to discourage growth are Dec.

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Hair should be cut while the Moon is increasing. For beauty it should be in Taurus or Libra, and if applying to a harmonious aspect of Venus, so much the better.

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For luxuriant growth it should be in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Treatments to increase growth should be started while the Moon is increasing in Scorpio, subsequent treatments while increasing in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Zain published by www light [dot] org. My mother looked at my face when she would look at the moon on the day of the first moon for good luck. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. The Full Cold Moon. By The Editors. January 2, What do you want to read next? Full Moon for September Full Moon for June Full Moon for November Full Moon for July Full Moon for March There is nothing that Libra wants more than peace, harmony, and beautiful surroundings.

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If you like what you read each week, if you find solace or inspiration in these words, or if you just appreciate the occasional pep talk, consider making a small monthly contribution. Of course, you need to choose the date of the wedding with the astrologer based on the individual horoscopes of both partners, but there are general recommendations that we will try to present to you in the form of a wedding calendar describing the events for each day. In the calendar we have included some signs and from the astrological point of view of the events that will help to choose the best day of marriage.

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The most important point in choosing a favorable day for a wedding is the exclusion of deliberately unsuccessful periods, which are listed below. If you take into account all this list of factors, it may seem that there is simply no perfect day and time for a wedding. Often this is the case. Ideal wedding days do not exist, as there are no ideal people and an ideal marriage.

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The happy arrangement of the planets and their harmonious interaction is truly a gift of fate. We suggest using the ready astrological calculations and try to choose the best day for the wedding in year. In the calendar, choose the most favorable time for the wedding, and as you will see, for each event an evaluation is given, as well as a final general time estimate taking into account previous events. This will help you, understand exactly how each event moon phase, moonlight day, zodiac sign, etc.

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For example, if in the morning there was a bad final rating, and by lunchtime good, then by that time all events are favorable to your marriage union. It turns out that the final estimate of the time intervals of the selected day depends on all previous events. And be happy, no matter what day you are married! City New York. Accounting for lunar days. The choice of time for this method takes into account the influence of lunar days, the moon phase, its location in the sign of the zodiac, eclipses of the lunar and solar, the moon without a course, and also in some calendars the day of the week and the month of the year are taken into account.

The main criterion for selecting this method is lunar days. Accounting for all the planets of the horoscope. The choice of time for this method is based on the influence of the moon phase, its location in the sign of the Zodiac, eclipses of the lunar and solar, the moon without course, aspects and retrograde planets, except for lunar days, months of the year and days of the week. Accounting for houses and horoscope. The choice of time for this method takes into account the influence of the moon phase, its location in the sign of the zodiac, eclipses of the lunar and solar, the moon without course, aspects and retrograde planets, houses of the horoscope, namely the position of the cusps of houses, the influence of the rulers and co-registrants of houses, the finding of planets in houses of the horoscope, aspects of the planets to the cusps of houses.

Accounting for the influence of the planets on houses. In this method, the "necessary" houses of the horoscope are also "amplified", i. Strengthening the rulers of the houses.