Pisces rising january 2020 horoscope

Are you on the path to realizing your best self, making your own decisions, and following through — or are you facing dead ends in areas of your life, from your career to your personal relationships? You're about to find out, and when you do, don't shy away from big decisions and fresh starts. So buckle up, cosmic warriors.

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By the end of these three years, virtually everything in your life will be different, so why not enjoy the ride? You're about to learn a lot about yourself, and that is worth celebrating. Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. By Leah Prinzivalli. By Aliza Kelly Faragher. By Kaleigh Fasanella. Is there anything special about a Saturn return in Capricorn? How can I survive Saturn return? Is there anything good about this period? Read More.

Health according to Pisces Horoscope 2020

By Neha Prakash. By Marci Robin. To protect you from getting hurt in relationship? These walls are now so rotten, they stink! And they are crumbling away… You can no longer blame others for your shortcomings. Nor can you afford to live in those dark dank prison cells. It's not fun. But needs must. To quote Winston Churchill:. Alarm bells are going off everywhere around you and they read: Reform Or Become Extinct!

Remember what Albert Einstein said:. Watch this space! Are you hiding behind roles and titles? Are you blaming others for your faults?

And does your career or chosen life path represent your true goals, your calling? Time to stop pretending.

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You can no longer keep up appearances as Saturn and Pluto come together at the top of your horoscope. If you have refused to grow up and take responsibility for your own life all these years, your failure to do so can no longer be ignored. If you have abused power, on the other hand, you might be taken down a few pegs at this time. Who do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to make of your life? Time to decide. What rigid, calcified dogmas are running your life, dear Taurus? What top down beliefs, morals, religions and philosophies have you bought wholesale, only for them to become prison cells?

These are now shrivelling into the rotten, meaningless constructs that you now realise they are. Own up to your blinkers, your fear of the unknown. Stop hiding behind your principles. Own your truth! International and immigration matters, academia and education, religion and the law, as well as publishing and the media, might have some important lessons to teach you at this time. Have you over-borrowed, financially? Irresponsible behaviour with other people's money will no longer be tolerated - yours or others'.

And if you think others are being stingy with their love or cash think again: what have you done to make them feel like this toward you? How do you shut them out? Or put yourself in their power? A powerful transformation is due, both emotionally and financially. If you are in a relationship - or even in an important business partnership - you might feel that your partner has all the power at the moment.

This partnership weighs heavily on you. But blaming others is a dead end. Stop that! How do you hand over your own power to others? Stop blaming others and take your power back. It's about striking a fair contract. Saturn transit will also bring you into a love relationship and those who are planning for progeny will find themselves lucky. Saturn is in your ascendant since November and there were delays in all aspects of your life. Now with Saturn transit through your 2nd house will lead to many changes in life.

First of all, your health will improve and all the laziness you were experiencing before will be gone. Your career will come on track, but slowly but surely. There will be sudden marriage plans in your mind and with the support of Dasha and the planet Jupiter, it will materialize this time. Saturn transit over your 2nd will have some negative effects on your family and food habits.


Try not to indulge in harmful food habits and bad company of people also, it may lead to problems like alcohol intake or smoking. Overall it is better transit, then the current one, but still some cautions are required in health and physical safety areas. For Sagittarius ascendant natives Saturn rules over 2nd and 3rd and is a malefic planet for them. With Saturn passing through your ascendant there will be some health issues along with some laziness or in other words, you will find yourself postponing important works, which ultimately will lead to obstacles in your path for progress. Overall a transit which is better than the current one, but some tough situations will be there.

Because for you transit of rahu rahu-Ketu will be difficult in also, actually this is the only ascendant which have back to back unfavorable transits going on until year If you are in Dasha of Saturn, Rahu,Ketu or Venus then you should take cautions in all areas of your life. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire to minimize the bad effects of this Saturn transit. Saturn is lord of the 1st and 2nd house and is a benefic planet here. Saturn transit through Sagittarius will be passing through their 12th house and will bring some challenges in areas of work and mental health.

Now the protection of Saturn will be gone with this transit because Saturn in Scorpio was a positive transit and lead you to success and protected you from evils. You may find yourself in unwanted job postings and transfer is on the card for you. Those who are looking for abroad ventures will be lucky with this transit. There will be a source of earnings from abroad though expenditures will also rise.

You may find that it is hard to cope up with the responsibilities and same time demanding situtaions at work place may cause issues in your married life. This transit is going to be great for you; there will be great financial gains, expansion in your network, health will improve and you will be ambitious, which will help you in a long run. Those who are suffering from any kind of health issue will see relief and it will make you indulge in activities which will prove good for your health in a long run.

Those who are looking to start a family will get the extra support of the planet Saturn. Saturn transit over your 11th house will open gateways for abroad income and chances of gains through inheritance is also there. Saturn is going to move out of their 9th house and will enter their 10th house. We all know that the 10th house is a natural house for Saturn and its transit from the 10th house is a very important phase in our life.

Saturn here will bless you with gains and work opportunities from abroad. This transit will prove as a milestone for you, but it will happen with handwork and patience.

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  • House and luxury buying is also on the cards and with the help of Jupiter transit, you will be able to get access to your dream house or car. Those who want to get married will also get the extra support of planets but here Dasha Lord position and relation with the 7th house will also matter.

    Overall it is a positive transit as far as material progress is concerned. This will make your ascendant Lord strong and will counter the negative effects of Saturn transit through your 10th house. Sagittarius sign is the 9th sign in natural Zodiac scheme and Saturn transit in it shows a huge impact on our religious sentiments.

    For sure around this transit of Saturn, there will be events which will affect our view towards gurus and religious ways of life. Lord of Sagittarius i. Always remember Jupiter is your guru and Shani Saturn is the taskmaster when in symphony they allow one to make the best decisions of life.

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    Now there will be a union of Ketu with planet Saturn in March and definitely, there will be some twist and turn in our lives with it. That is why I have included the effects of Ketu union here. Also, Saturn retrograde is happening right now and make sure you check that article because retrograde period is always important. Those who were born in ,, this Saturn transit in will mark the beginning of their Saturn return and will prove very significant for them.

    As mentioned in the very beginning that Saturn is a very important planet is Vedic astrology and while taking effects of Saturn transit into account for any horoscope, we need to check if any planet is coming under its aspect from its transit position, also if Saturn is passing over any other planet or not.

    In simple words, suppose Saturn is transiting over your 3rd house where Venus is sitting in natal horoscope, then here you need to take into account the effects of transit of Saturn over Venus also. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.