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The God of the Golden Star 's solution was to put twelve animals in charge at different times to bring about some order to affairs.

Year of the Horse

The animals formed an orderly queue but the rat jumped onto the back of the ox so it could be named first. An astrologer will then be able to give predictions for your whole life. It is all taken as a bit of fun and it serves as a polite way to ask someone's age you can usually guess which 12 year span was the person's birth year.

Here are the years with the associated animal and the earthly stem. In addition the propitious month of year and compass direction are given, taking account of these gives extra luck.

Year of the Horse: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

This bad influence is particularly strong in your 60th year. To ward this off the ill effects you should take extra care and some superstitious Chinese wear lucky red underwear or red wrist bracelets during this year. A rat in China is not the dirty, nasty creature seen in Europe. A rat is cool; calm and charming. They act with integrity, vigor, curiosity, flexibility and are persistent and are careful with money. They are generous to those they love. An ox is quiet and easy-going. Practical and self assured they are often successful.

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They often work to carefully thought out plan. They are also patriotic.

What is the Chinese Zodiac?

As they are not outspoken they can be difficult to read and so easy to misunderstand and provoke to anger. Tiger people share the power and courage with the admired and respected animal. Tigers are thoughtful, competitive and charming and may be destined for high office but they can be selfish and offhand.

Tigers have difficulty accepting orders. A rabbit is a popular creature, kind and good at getting along with people.

12 Zodiac Signs

Gifted, elegant and ambitious they are proficient at business. They are prone to melancholy and are not deep thinkers. Naturally lucky, a rabbit is skillful in handling money. In the West dragons are supposed to be violent and evil monsters. Not so in China, they are the most powerful of creatures but are friends as much as foes, and are considered lucky. Dragons have energy, courage, tenacity and perception. Natural leaders, dragons are healthy and prosperous, however dragons can be spiteful and prone to anger. The wisdom of the snake is proverbial, and this is a snake's principal virtue.

Spells of deep thinking can make them loners and independent. Acquisitive snakes are hard people to read. Wisdom with handling money makes them able at attain wealth and they are also blessed with good looks. Each element is also linked to a planet.

The Twelve Signs of the Japanese Zodiac

The five elements also correspond to specific colors, hours of the day, compass directions and bodily organs, which inform everything from Chinese medicine to Feng Shui. The five elements have a symbiotic relationship: Metal generates water; water feeds wood; wood sustains fire; fire makes earth ash ; earth ash creates metal. They also have a destructive manifestation: Fire melts metal; metal cuts wood; wood breaks earth; earth absorbs water; water puts out fire. Chinese zodiac illustrations by The Grande Dame.

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